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  • Facts to Know about Guardianship Litigation

    There are very specific cases in which guardianship must be established. A minor may require a guardian in cases of abuse or neglect. An adult with a disability may require a guardian with power of attorney. An elderly person may need protection from those who have been taking advantage of him or her.

    It is the job of the attorneys at the Law Offices of Savin & Bursk serving the Northridge area to ensure that appropriate guardians are established, negligent or malicious guardians are investigated and removed, and those who need guardians are protected.

    When Is Conservatorship Litigation Required?

    Much like guardianship, conservatorship is required in specific cases. There are three general types of conservatorship in California, designed to help with personal or estate issues and intended to improve the quality of life of the person in question. They are established when the person in question is unable to

    • Care for him or herself for reasons of age or physical condition.
    • Manage his or her finances for reasons of age, physical condition, or mental condition.
    • Care for him or herself because of developmental or similar disabilities.

    Litigation is required to establish conservatorship, ensure that the conservator is appropriate for the situation, and investigate any claims of abuse of power or neglect on the part of the conservator.

    If you believe your situation or that of a loved one requires this help, contact the Law Offices of Savin & Bursk for a consultation if you live in the Northridge area.

    How to Prepare

    This type of law can be confusing or highly emotional, especially in the case of a minor. It is important that all parties are made aware of the impending litigation and can understand the situation to the best of their abilities. Remember to keep in mind the best interests of the person in question, so that you can adequately serve him or her.

    If you need to investigate a guardian or conservator, give as much evidence as you can to your attorney; it will help in validating your accusations and ensure that the person who requires a guardian or conservator is appropriately helped.

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