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The Differences between Wills and Trusts

While wills and trusts are both very important when it comes to estate planning, they’re also two very different documents. Many people will use the terms interchangeably, but that is incorrect. Not understanding the differences between these two types of documents can lead to some serious complications if you’re not careful. Here are a few of . . .Continue Reading »

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Estate Planning When You Have No Children

Getting your affairs in order, or estate planning, is often something people put off for far too long. There are so many benefits to taking care of this before you think you “need” to. Here’s some advice for estate planning and other ideas from a trust litigation lawyer in Northridge, CA.

Do You Need an Estate Plan?

The . . .Continue Reading »

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3 Common Trust Mistakes You Should Avoid

Including a trust as part of your estate plan makes sense for many reasons. It ensures that your property is dispersed according to your wishes, addresses special needs for family members, and even helps circumvent certain types of taxes. However, it’s only beneficial if set up correctly. Hiring a will contest attorney in Northridge, CA is . . .Continue Reading »

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Taking Digital Assets into Consideration in Estate Planning

In the world of estate planning, the handling of paper documents and physical property upon someone’s death is very clear and legally tested. What about digital documentation though? Make sure you discuss your digital presence with your Northridge, CA estate planning law firm as soon as you can and make sure they have a tried and . . .Continue Reading »

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A Guide to Revocable and Irrevocable Living Trusts

A trust is a fiduciary arrangement. A living trust is simply a trust that you create, while you’re still alive. It permits a third party, known as the trustee, to hold certain assets. Which assets is determined when the trust is established. The assets are held on behalf of a specific beneficiary or beneficiaries. A trust . . .Continue Reading »

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Why You Need a Trust Litigation Lawyer

An estate must undergo the process of probate when a decedent uses a will to distribute their assets. Trusts are a popular way for individuals to transfer assets once they pass on. A trust is an ideal way to avoid probate and it happens right away. A trust lawyer in Northridge, CA can help you . . .Continue Reading »

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What You Should Know about Will Contests

Your parent or other relative dies and you learn you are not included in the will. You may be able to contest the will. Your chances for winning are not great. In general, a person has the right to decide who gets his or her property after death. The process could be expensive, monetarily and emotionally, . . .Continue Reading »

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The Benefits of Hiring an Experience Estate Planning Attorney

There are many different types of attorneys. One type that almost everyone needs but no one thinks about is the estate planning attorney. Hiring one if you have any assets you wish to pass down to your children is critical; if you are considering hiring a Northridge estate planning law firm, here are several reasons why . . .Continue Reading »

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Mistakes to Avoid in Elder Law Estate Planning

When it comes to estate planning, too many people don’t have as much as a basic plan in place. Often, people become reluctant to create a plan because they fear they’ll put together the wrong type of plan or advance directive. However, not having one at all is a huge mistake. The first step toward getting . . .Continue Reading »

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Things to Consider When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

Choosing a Northridge estate planning attorney is an important decision. It sets the tone and course for distributing your estate to descendants after your passing, but also provides you with tax advantages and long-term care protection right now. If you’re ready to choose an estate planning lawyer, here are some things to consider during the selection . . .Continue Reading »

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